Discover the best insights and tips for first-time leaders.


Our Leadership Toolkit is an online educational resource to help you prepare for your first leadership role and make sure you are as successful as you can be.

Preparing for the first leadership role

The first leadership role is a pivotal step in any career. Unsure where to start when it comes to preparing yourself to lead your first team? Check out our resources to get you well started.

Leadership tips

Are you suddenly managing your former colleagues or a team that is much older than you? Here are our top leadership tips to help you successfully take on your new role. 

Developing others

A leader is responsible for developing their team. How to support your team members and facilitate their growth? The resources we compiled will help you take your first steps towards successfully developing others. 

Managing a team

Managing a team is not that simple. We’re here to help you navigate your new role, find your matching leadership style, support you in delegating and have a guide for a simple team workshop for you.

Managing performance

How do you manage day-to-day employee performance? Check out our resources to get started and discover why feedback is so important.


Communication is a critical skill when building and leading a team. How can you make sure your communication is as effective as it can be? Here are our top tips for the communication with your team.

Managing remotely

Remote-first or hybrid work environments are becoming more and more popular. How do you manage your remote employees? Check out our guide with important tips on tools and the right mindset for managing remotely.

Managing stakeholders

Stakeholder management is about maintaining good relationships with the people who have the most impact on you and your team’s work. Check out our tips to make sure you make the most out of a structured stakeholder management. 

Organisational culture

How do you cultivate a positive team culture and take care of your employees? Check out our resources for creating an inclusive and high-performing team culture. 

Leading change

Change is part of the life of a business. How do you lead change effectively? Our resources will show you how to actively lead your team through a change process as well as what to do when changes come to your team top-down. (work in progress)

Would you like to feel even stronger supported in your first leadership role? 

Katrin also offers new products to support first-time leaders even better with a lunch&learn series, one-day deep dive workshops and an upcoming self-paced online training. Learn more and sign up already for the waiting list if this could benefit you or pass it on to colleagues & friends.