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What do you want to achieve?


For each goal, we will look together at the big picture and zoom in on your specific needs. In some cases, a team workshop will be the fitting answer, in other cases the range goes all the way to lengthier, ongoing team support on a regular basis.

Based on our already-longstanding pre-Covid experience of implementing virtual team development workshops and first-time leader coaching processes, we have now enlarged our portfolio to also offer virtual facilitation masterclasses for anyone wanting to make their online meetings or conferences more interactive! 


We are specialised on customized in-house leadership development programmes, having implemented them in several startups and scale-ups with employee sizes ranging from 70-1500 people.

We support organisations looking to upskill and define their leadership approach through impactful systemic support.

Starting from the big picture, followed by a diagnosis with involved stakeholders, we support you in the implementation of smaller and larger change processes in the area of leadership development. Hereby we enable organisations to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

Our consulting ranges from defining the purpose to strategy development and co-creating network-based organisational units. We follow a systemic approach, enabling employees to take ownership.

Important in our way of working is the balance between the leadership change initiative and the appreciation of the organisation’s roots

What our clients say

Individual teams

We support you and your team in working better together!

Team development workshops

Team development process

The topics for team development workshops depend on your individual situation. They often include:

  • New team: Supporting a new team to get to know each other, their roles and quickly establishing a solid way of working.
  • Leadership: Supporting leadership teams in achieving clarity on how they want to act as leaders.
  • Trust: Developing trust and transparency in the communication amongst each other.
  • Feedback: Creating a safe space for providing feedback to each other as well as to the leader.
  • Stakeholder management: Dealing with different stakeholders to clarify roles and responsibilities.

After the initial contact, we will clarify your goals and the resulting impact of your team development process. In order to bring different points of view to the table, we will also interview team members in advance.

Those inputs combined will form the basis for a structured workshop. This of course can be flexibly adapted in the process, depending on the team’s needs.

After the workshop, there will be a debrief as well as potential follow-up activities.

What our clients say


We support individuals in self-reflection on their leadership style and interaction with their team.


1:1 coaching is based on topics that are important to you in your current professional situation.

What would you like to be different after the coaching? Oftentimes this includes your specific role and tasks as a leader, defining the next step in your career and decision-making.

More information on individual coaching especially for first-time leaders can be found in the dedicated section for first-time leaders.

What our clients say

Virtual Facilitation Masterclass

Would you like to bring more interaction & liveliness into the virtual meetings, workshops or conferences at your organisation? Book our in-house virtual masterclass to enable your leaders and employees to learn simple, yet engaging tools for their virtual facilitations to make sure they make the most out of them. 

Our Virtual Facilitation Masterclass ranges from a two-hour session up to 3×4 hours for in-depth training. We also do pre-event consulting in case you would like to get expert advice on how to tweak your agenda of a virtual conference to make it more interactive.

Get in touch today to discuss your organisation’s specific needs and design a customized Masterclass.