Revamp team culture and values

Revamp Team Culture And Values With 5 Useful Steps

Company culture is always evolving. Each new person who joins the company adds something new – because they think and act differently and because their values and beliefs are different too, your shared culture is pushed to change. If you aren’t evolving with your employees, your company culture quickly falls apart. Find out how you can revamp your company & team culture!

Let’s start with a bit of self-reflection. How would you ideally want your team culture to be?

If your team members were asked, how would they describe the culture that exists in the team?

Once you have answers to these two questions and compare them, then you’re ready to go to the next steps.

1. Understand your purpose

How would you describe your team’s purpose, and why is it there at your organisation?

2. Define your values & vision

What are values important in your team and which vision is there for your team? Does the team share these values and the vision? Of course, taking into account the overall values and vision of your organisation.

3. Make sure you hire the right people

If you were to hire additional people for your team, what would you look out for culture-wise?

4. Create a positive team culture

What do you think is in your hands to create a positive team culture?

5. Review your team culture regularly

What could be points to check-in and review your team culture with your team?

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photo by Lucie Greiner