Prepare Your Company’s Leaders for Success—From the Very Start

The Globe Team’s “just-in-time” First-Time Leaders Community is a unique leadership programme: we focus on transitioning team members into team leaders, giving them the skills they need to thrive from Day 1.

If you’re an HR manager looking for a fast and sustainable way to level up your company’s new leaders, you’re in the right place.

Success in leadership starts with a strong foundation.

As an HR manager, you know that newly promoted managers aren’t always ready to lead. Sometimes they need additional guidance and mentorship before they can truly succeed in their new role. That’s where we come in.

Our First-Time Leaders Community prepares leaders to tackle real-world leadership challenges.

Are you looking for a fast and sustainable way to get your company’s first-time leaders up to speed? Our leadership cohorts match new leaders with a group of like-minded peers and a coach who gives them everything they need to succeed from the start.

We asked real first-time leaders to share their concerns. Then we listened.

Your company’s new leaders may have impressive technical skills—but do they actually know how to lead?

Our First-Time Leaders Community can help your leaders…

The First-Time Leaders Community includes...

Content: Your company’s upcoming leaders can learn at their own pace, with four hours of self-paced video content focused on building practical leadership skills.

Community: Membership includes two community calls per month for a period of 4 months. The community calls are live online workshops with real-time feedback from our coaches. In addition, leaders can access an exclusive Slack channel to stay connected to their peers.

Coaching: If your leaders request additional support, we can arrange one-hour private coaching sessions in English, German, French, Spanish, or Dutch. Sessions are optional and not included in the programme pricing.

An Overview of Our Leadership Training Program

Meet the Coach Behind the First-Time Leaders Community

Hi, I’m Katrin! 

I’ve worked for many years in leadership development, both at a large multinational corporation and as founder of The Globe Team. One thing that has always struck me is how much strong leadership matters. Great leadership skills can transform a team that struggles into a team that finds consistent success. That’s why I created The Globe Team. I believe that it’s essential to invest in leadership skills from the beginning, but not everybody knows where to start. Here’s the good news: If you’ve found The Globe Team, you’ve found the starting place for the first-time leaders in your organisation!

 I’ve worked with 200+ team leaders across diverse countries and companies, specialising in building durable team-development processes and strategies for 1:1 coaching. After spending eight years at Airbus in the area of HR, I helped build leaders in startup environments such as Y Food, gridX, German Accelerator and Techstars. I’ve also worked with government organisations such as the German Federal Foreign Office and large-scale corporations such as DeutschePost DHL. Now, I want to bring my experience and empathy to your company’s leadership-training programme! But a leadership community is about more than one person. While your first-time leaders will learn directly from me in our video series, they’ll also have the chance to engage with other expert coaches during our community calls. All of our coaches have international backgrounds and leadership experience in corporations and start-ups.

So, let’s help your company’s leaders build the skills they need to thrive right from Day 1!

Katrin Grunwald

Leadership Coach and Founder of The Globe Team

Katrin is known from

Additional Benefits for Your Employees

  1. A fully digital learning experience. Leaders participate in a robust online community via Zoom and Slack. Your organisation doesn’t need to arrange special equipment or travel accommodations.
  2. On-demand start times for a fast-moving organisation. From the moment you hand them a licence, your leaders will have access to our full suite of videos and training modules. No waiting. No delays.
  3. Individual modules, each of which includes
    a handout with checklists, relevant articles, and more.
    b) homework that focuses on building real-world skills.
  4. Hands-on training in peer-coaching sessions that take place during our community calls.
  5. A confidential atmosphere. We value privacy and create a judgement-free space where your leaders can talk candidly about their challenges.
  6. Access to a network of international leaders. Community calls and Slack offer opportunities for ongoing engagement.

What Do Previous Participants Say?

Pricing for Companies

Licences for organisations include:

  • Lifetime access to video courses
  • Lifetime access to handbook materials
  • Lifetime access to our online Slack community of leaders
  • 8 live online workshops (Community Calls) in the next 4 months
  • A kick-off event for all first-time leaders from your organisation (when you order at least 10 licences)

Company profiles for licensing purposes

Startup & Scaleup = Up to 100 employees

SMEs & Corporations = 100+ employees


Individual licence (excl. VAT)

Startup & Scaleup: €899

SME & Corporations: €1.189

Pack of 10 licences (10% off)

Startup & Scaleup: €8.091

SME & Corporations: €10.701

Pack of 20 licences (20% off)

Startup & Scaleup: €14.384 

SME & Corporations: €19.024

We also offer personalised pricing! Talk to us if you’re interested in getting more than 20 licences and/or a programme customised to your leadership principles and challenges.

Benefits for HR Managers

  • Support from a team of experts who know how to help new managers identify the most effective ways to lead
  • Fewer sunk costs associated with re-recruiting for leaders who underperform or can’t be retained
  • Teams across your company that benefit from stronger, more motivated leaders  
  • Perks your employees will love, including membership in a network of first-time leaders from around the world
  • Better employee retention thanks to strategies that help your leaders avoid overwhelm
  • Conflict-resolution training for your leaders—so you’ll be confident they can handle smaller issues without involving HR every time

To get a feel of what the First-Time Leaders Community content is all about, we have unlocked one
of the videos for you. This video is about moving from being a colleague to being the boss of your former colleagues.
Check it out!

Company-Level Packages Are Available

Reach out to our experts to discuss your options!

Who is the First-Time Leaders Community for?

It is for:

  • People stepping into their first leadership role in the coming months, or people who have recently stepped into this role
  • People who are keen on self-development 
  • People who can share openly and reflect thoughtfully on their mistakes as well as their successes
  • People who feel comfortable sharing about their own experiences in English
  • People who are able to invest the time it takes to become a good leader from the start

It is not for:

  • People who have already led a team for a number of years
  • People who are not so keen on self-reflection
  • People who don’t feel comfortable sharing their experiences with others, even in a confidential setting

Confidence in leadership doesn’t happen overnight. But in just four months, we can show your company’s leaders what sustainable success looks like.


For Module 1, leaders should plan about one hour of additional self-reflection. The other modules require about 15 minutes of self-reflection

Our programme is a “just-in-time” programme that leaders should ideally start in the month before entering their new role. With that said, leaders who started in the last several months can still benefit from much of the content. Modules 2 through 4 especially cover important general leadership topics, and leaderships of all types will benefit from the opportunities for ongoing exchange.

The community calls for the next cohort will be set at a later date. They will both take place via Zoom.

Each community call is a workshop that lasts 1.5 hours and consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Content input
  • Exchange about the participants’ topics/peer coaching
  • Wrap-up and actions for experiential learning between the community calls

1:1 individual sessions with our coaches are optional and can be booked additionally. They are not included in the price.

Of course! Our programme is very popular among individuals as well as companies. Take a look at our First-Time Leaders Community homepage for more information.

You can also get in touch with Katrin directly at

Put your company’s leaders in the best position to succeed