Lead a reflection workshop on team culture

Lead A Reflection Workshop On Team Culture: 4 Useful Steps

Even when you think that there aren’t any issues with your company’s culture, chances are that there is a lot that you and your team can still learn and improve. Once in a while, it is valuable to bring everyone together to participate in the workshop and bridge the communication gap between all employees.

You can do this workshop on a team or company level, depending on your company’s size. You might need to divide participants into smaller groups or host multiple sessions to accommodate all schedules if you do it company-wide.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to run a culture workshop:

  • Take  60 minutes for the team culture workshop
  • Have a template for the quadrants on a virtual whiteboard available
  • Everyone has 10 minutes to fill in the quadrants and post their inputs on post-its
  • Take time to discuss the quadrants together & take actions on what you would like to start/stop/continue in your team 
    1. What did you like last year regarding our team culture & the way we worked together?
    2. Why?
    3. Which elements of our team culture & ways of working do you not like so much? 
    4. What can we learn from this for the upcoming year?

Tip: This is a great workshop to run at the start of the year! This way you can reflect back on the previous year and have an outlook on how you want to work together in the upcoming year. Of course, it also works in the middle of the year or other memorable moments during the year.

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photo by Lucie Greiner