Would you like to confidently and successfully lead your first team with a sparring partner by your side?

Enabling you to work effectively with your new team from day 1!

Individual Coaching Sessions for First-Time Leaders

with Katrin Grunwald and our pool of coaches

“Setting the foundation right is the starting point for leadership success”

If you are excited to lead a team for the first time in your international work environment, but at the same time feel insecure and doubtful about the responsibility that comes with leading people and want to feel closely supported by an expert…

Individual first-time leader coaching sessions can support you!

If you’d like to get a solid foundation at the start of your first leadership role with a team coach in your own timeframe and in an individualised manner, continue reading!

Because NOW is the time to set up your leadership groundwork appropriately…

Does this sound familiar?

If one or more of the challenges above fits your situation and you want to do something about it adapted to your specific situation, sign up for a 1:1 coaching!

Imagine ...

1:1 coaching includes...

Individual coaching sessions with practical content

How the content supports you to successfully start your first leadership role

The content is similar to our other first-time leader activities, only then even more dedicated to your own situation. Possible topics include:

Individual sessions will each include:

  • a hand-out giving you checklists, relevant articles, etc.
  • homework to try out skills from the sessions in the real world

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Katrin! 

I’ve worked for many years in leadership development, both at a large multinational corporation and as founder of The Globe Team.

One thing that has always struck me is how much strong leadership matters. Great leadership skills can transform a team that struggles into a team that finds consistent success. That’s why I created The Globe Team. I believe that it’s essential to invest in leadership skills from the beginning, but not everybody knows where to start.
Here’s the good news: If you’ve found The Globe Team, you’ve found your starting place!

 I’ve worked with 200+ team leaders across diverse countries and companies, specialising in building durable team-development processes and strategies for 1:1 coaching. After spending eight years at Airbus, I helped build leaders in startup environments such as Y Food, gridX, German Accelerator and Techstars. I’ve also worked with government organisations such as the German Federal Foreign Office and large-scale corporations such as DeutschePost DHL. Now, I want to bring my experience and empathy to your new challenge as a leader! 

But a leadership community is about more than one person. While you’ll learn directly from me in our video series, you’ll also have the chance to engage with other expert coaches during community calls. All of our coaches have international backgrounds and leadership experience in corporations and start-ups.

So, let’s start your new leadership journey together!

Katrin Grunwald - Leadership Coach and Founder of The Globe Team

What do other previous participants say about 1:1 coaching with Katrin?

Your investment in your leadership success

The pricing depends on the length and duration of the coaching sessions. Most individual clients book a package of five to ten one-hour sessions over the course of three to six months. A pricing offer is sent after our initial get-to-know exchange during the First-Time Leader Prep Call. Sessions take place virtually via Zoom.

A 10% discount can be given to private payers and first-time leaders from very small companies. Contact us in case of questions!

Results you'll experience

  • Self-awareness on your personality and leadership style
  • Ability to effectively establish a good first contact with your team
  • Feeling more self-confident about being a leader!
  • Ability to deploy practical skills for employee development and handling of conflicts
  • Self-confidence around your specific challenges through individual coaching over a longer period of time (in-depth programme)

How to join

To sign up for the individual first-time leader coaching sessions, get in touch with our team to see if/how the coaching is the right support for you, define your development objectives and clarify open questions you might have regarding your leadership situation.