Would you like to confidently and successfully lead your first team?

Enabling you to work effectively with your new team from day 1!

Individual Coaching Sessions for First-Time Leaders

with Katrin Grunwald

“Setting the foundation right is the starting point for leadership success”

If you are excited to lead a team for the first time in your international work environment, but at the same time feel insecure and doubtful about the responsibility that comes with leading people and want to feel closely supported by an expert…

Individual first-time leader coaching sessions can support you!

If you’d like to get a solid foundation at the start of your first leadership role with a team coach in your own timeframe and in an individualised manner, continue reading!

Because NOW is the time to set up your leadership groundwork appropriately…

Does this sound familiar?

If one or more of the challenges above fits your situation and you want to do something about it, you are in the right place!

Imagine ...

The Leadership Foundation Programme is an interactive live online coaching programme for first-time leaders, who believe that setting the foundations right, is the starting point for team success.

The Leadership Foundation Programme includes...

Individual coaching sessions with practical content

How the content supports you to successfully start your first leadership role

The content is similar to the Leadership Foundation Programme, only then even more dedicated to your own situation. Possible topics include:

Individual sessions will each include:

  • a hand-out giving you checklists, relevant articles, etc.
  • homework to try out skills from the sessions in the real world

Meet your coach

Having worked many years in the area of leadership development in large multinational corporations across different countries in Europe, I have seen quite a few teams succeed, but also ones which have failed. One thing that I always noticed was the large impact the leader’s behaviour had on the team’s success – both positively and negatively.

Therefore I believe that it’s essential to invest in leadership skills from the beginning and I would like to support you during the transition phase!

My leadership experience is based on working closely with more than 100 team leaders across different countries and companies in team development processes and 1:1 coaching. In addition, I have served as a leader myself for several project teams and employee networks during my corporate career, as well as a volunteer in civil society organisations. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Katrin Grunwald, a consultant for team and organisational development.

What do other previous participants say about the Leadership Foundation Programme?

Your investment in your leadership success

The pricing depends on the length and duration of the coaching sessions. Most individual clients book a package of five to ten one-hour sessions over the course of three to six months. A pricing offer is sent after our initial get-to-know exchange during the First-Time Leader Prep Call. Sessions take place virtually via Zoom.

A 10% discount can be given to private payers and first-time leaders from very small companies. Contact us in case of questions!

Results you'll experience

  • Self-awareness on your personality and leadership style
  • Ability to effectively establish a good first contact with your team
  • Feeling more self-confident about being a leader!
  • Ability to deploy practical skills for employee development and handling of conflicts
  • Self-confidence around your specific challenges through individual coaching over a longer period of time (in-depth programme)

How to join

To sign up for the individual first-time leader coaching sessions, click here for a 30 minute First-Time Leader Prep Call to get to know each other, see if/how the coaching is the right support for you, define your development objectives and clarify open questions you might have regarding your leadership situation.