Are You a First-Time Leader with little time, but eager to prepare well for your first leadership position?

The Globe Team’s First-Time Leaders Essentials video course will help you to build the skills you need to thrive in your new leadership role!

First-Time Leaders Essentials – the video course to start your leadership journey with a strong foundation!

Success in leadership starts before the start.

Leading others can be one of the most rewarding opportunities of your career. But it can also come with a sense of insecurity and doubt, especially for first-time leaders in an international work environment.

Our First-Time Leaders Essentials prepares you to tackle real-world leadership challenges.

Are you just embarking on your first leadership role? You’ve found us at the perfect time. 

We asked real first-time leaders to share their concerns. Then we listened.

Leading a team for the first time can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.

Our First-Time Leaders Essentials can help you…

The First-Time Leaders Essentials is the go-to-video content if you believe that setting the foundations right is the starting point for team success!

The First-Time Leaders Essentials includes...

Video Content: Learn at your own pace, with four hours of expert-led, self-paced content focused on building practical leadership skills.

Handbook: A 74-page handbook with checklists, articles, worksheets, etc. for the most relevant challenges first-time leaders encounter.

An Overview of First-Time Leaders Essentials

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Katrin! 

I’ve worked for many years in leadership development, both at a large multinational corporation and as founder of The Globe Team.

One thing that has always struck me is how much strong leadership matters. Great leadership skills can transform a team that struggles into a team that finds consistent success.

That’s why I created The Globe Team. I believe that it’s essential to invest in leadership skills from the beginning, but not everybody knows where to start.

Here’s the good news: If you’ve found The Globe Team, you’ve found your starting place!

I’ve worked with 200+ team leaders across diverse countries and companies, specialising in building durable team-development processes and strategies for 1:1 coaching.

After spending eight years at Airbus, I helped build leaders in startup environments such as Y Food, gridX, German Accelerator and Techstars. I’ve also worked with government organisations such as the German Federal Foreign Office and large-scale corporations such as DeutschePost DHL. Now, I want to bring my experience and empathy to your new challenge as a leader! 

So, let’s start your new leadership journey together!

Katrin Grunwald

Leadership Coach and Founder of The Globe Team

Katrin is known from

Additional Learning Experiences and Benefits

  1. A fully digital learning experience. Participate via our online platform hosting the content videos. You’ll incur no travel costs and need no special equipment.
  2. A course that starts when you need it. You’ll have access to our full suite of videos and training modules from the moment you sign up. No waiting. No delays.
  3. Individual modules, each of which includes…
    a. a handout with checklists, relevant articles, and more.
    b. homework to help you build skills in the real world.


Pricing Overview

199 *limited period offer
  • Lifetime access to video courses
  • Lifetime access to handbook materials


  • Self-awareness about your personality and leadership style
  • Practical skills for everything from employee development to conflict resolution
  • Confidence in your leadership role, leading to the trust and respect of your team members
To get a feel of what the First-Time Leaders Essentials content is all about, we have unlocked one of the videos for you.
This video is about moving from being a colleague to being the boss of your former colleagues. Check it out!

Who is the First-Time Leaders Essentials for?

It is for:

  • People stepping into their first leadership role in the coming months, or people who have recently stepped into this role
  • People who are keen on self-development 
  • People who are able to invest the time it takes to become a good leader from the start (4 hours of video & around 2 hours of self-work)

It is not for:

  • People who have already led a team for a number of years

Are you ready to become a more confident and capable leader?


For Module 1, it’s good to plan about one hour of additional self-reflection. The other modules require about 15 minutes of self-reflection.

Yes, if you recently (i.e. in the last several months) took over your first leadership role. Just note that the content from Module 1 may not be as relevant to you. The rest of the modules, however, cover important general leadership topics.

Yes! There is a digital handbook available that can be downloaded. It’s a PDF and you can also print it. You will see that each course refers to a specific page in the handbook so you can easily follow along.

You can always switch to our First-Time Leaders Community which includes exchange with peers and coaches, giving you a full-fledged support for 4 months when starting your leadership position. Do get in touch with us if that interests you! 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build your leadership skills!