from colleague to boss

6 Tips on how to successfully move from colleague to boss

How do I find my way into a new leadership role if I was previously a team member myself and now lead my former colleagues? This is a question asked by some of the first-time leaders I work with as a coach. They are unsure how to make a smooth transition into the new role and worry whether their former teammates will actually accept them in the leadership role.

The following six tips will help you to quickly settle into your new role and to maintain a good relationship with your former colleagues and now employees:

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6 Helpful hacks: How to delegate well and manage to hand over responsibility to your team

When taking the step from team member to the first leadership role, there is often a double challenge: one is still stuck in operational issues and at the same time the new leadership tasks come along, which also take up time. This is where delegation comes into play. As a coach for first-time leaders, however, I often hear from my coachees: “It is so difficult for me to delegate” or “How do I make sure that the employee then really does a good job”?
Here is an overview of concrete 6 tips that will help you to get more clarity on the topic of delegation:

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